Liverpool Lightnight


Particles is a physical theatre performance incorporating the use of lighting, sound and AV. Performed in a sight specific location, this piece aims to explore the theme of Time; specifically throughout a relationship.

This piece was a proof of concept in an attempt to programme real-time edge detection and image mapping on a full scale physical space, merging generated media with stock elements and sound in real time. All while dealing with the constrains of a site specific production.

Directed by: Jack Hesketh
Produced & Edited by: Joelle Brabban
Cast: Andre Lassemo, Aleksander Varadian, Claire Jolliffe, Meghan Malusek
Lighting & Animation: Dylan Howells
Sound: Gareth Stevens

With thanks to: LIPA, Liverpool Light Night 2017

This was a non-profit, institution created piece. I do not own the rights to this music.

Company – Particle Productions

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